The Great Replacement

The Great Replacement is very simple. You have one people, and in the space of a generation, you have a different people. Renaud Camus

The Great Replacement (French: Le grand remplacement) is a term originally coined by a French writer Renaud Camus who first used it to describe the demographic replacement happening in France due to its mass immigration policies and low birth rates among the native French.

The same term can be applied to all other white populations both in Europe and abroad - from Germany, to England, to the United States, all of which have below replacement birth rates and migration policies that pose the same existential threat. Of all the different races of people on this planet, only the European races are uniquely facing the possibility of extinction in a relatively near future.

The purpose of this site is the documentation of European decline both demographically and culturally, and spreading awareness of the term "The Great Replacement" both on the internet through hashtags like #TheGreatReplacement and #GreatReplacement and in conversations in the real world, which hopefully will inspire a change in cultural and political attitudes before it is too late.

In addition, it should replace the previous term that was used to describe the same population replacement phenomenon as #WhiteGenocide, which wouldn't have been as effective outside the United States, although YouTube alone shows over 50,000 results when you do an exact search for "white genocide" - most of them in English.

It began with the birth rates. Today, there is not a single white country in the world with a birth rate of its people above the replacement level. In fact, many of those countries have a birth rate that is below 1.5, which means that each successive generation is 25% smaller than the previous one. And those numbers are independent of how wealthy that particular country is - poor Eastern Europe has birth rates that are just as low as birth rates in rich Western Europe.

When extrapolated to Europe as a whole, that is millions of people lost every year due to low birth rates.

Then came the mass immigration. Because of selfish economic interests, and ethnic activism, the immigration policies of almost every western nation have been drastically changed since the 1960s. Countries that have traditionally limited their immigration in both numbers and nationalities of people that they allow in, have all gone in the opposite direction favoring much greater numbers of immigration and from more racially foreign sources. Even countries that had EXPLICIT laws against immigration from the non-white world, like Australia with its White Australia policy, or the United States have all gone the same path.

The Great Replacement in Numbers

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And the numbers are massive and accelerating rapidly. Germany, for example, has over 12 million migrants, while China by comparison, with its 1.6 billion people, has less than 1 million.

The Great Replacement in Video

With Open Gates
The Great Replacement [Renaud Camus]

The Great Replacement in Politics and Culture

The Great Replacement has not gone unnoticed by neither general population nor the political class who is supposed to serve them. The phenomenon has also been reflected in popular culture, and so the purpose of this section is to document such things as they happen.


How otherwise shall families continue? How can the commonwealth be preserved if we neither marry nor produce children? Surely you are not expecting some to spring up from the earth to succeed to your goods and to public affairs, as myths describe. It is neither pleasing to Heaven nor creditable that our race should cease and the name of Romans meet extinguishment in us, and the city be given up to foreigners, - Greek or even barbarians. We liberate slaves chiefly for the purpose of making out of them as many citizens as possible; we give our allies a share in the government that our numbers may increase: yet you, Romans of the original stock, including Quintii, Valerii, Iulli, are eager that your families and names at once shall perish with you.

Emperor Augustus. Cassius Dio 56.

But the curse of every ancient civilization was that its men in the end became unable to fight. Materialism, luxury, safety, even sometimes an almost modern sentimentality, weakened the fiber of each civilized race in turn; each became in the end a nation of pacifists, and then each was trodden under foot by some ruder people that had kept that virile fighting power the lack of which makes all other virtues useless and sometimes even harmful.

Theodore Roosevelt. The Dawn and Sunrise of History

It appears that if nuclear war does not destroy Western Europe, race suicide will. In 1800, Europe had 20 percent of the world's population. Today it has 9 percent. Unless the increasing demographic imbalance is radically corrected, it will have 4 percent in 2075. ... Bangladesh, a miasma of poverty and ignorance, now produces more babies annually than all Western Europe.

Wilmot Robertson. The Dispossessed Majority

Germans have been dying out for forty years and this has been covered up by counting Turks, East Europeans, and Arabs as Germans. Now, not even immigrants from the Muslim lands, Eastern Europe, and the Third World can mask the reality.

Astonishing. Not long after World War II, West Germany boasted the world's second largest economy. Now a united Germany is on schedule to become a retirement center, nursing home, and cemetery for the Germanic peoples, whose origins date back to before the birth of Christ.

Pat Buchanan. Suicide of a Superpower

I was in Paris recently, and Paris doesn't look like Paris anymore ... You look at what's going on with some of the major cities and some of major countries, even before this, and I'm not hearing that's what they want.

Donald Trump. 45th President of the United States

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